9 Daily Lifestyle Habits that Harms our Body

9 Daily Lifestyle Habits that Harms our Body

Hello, my beautiful readers! 

Here I am with a new article and it is all about daily habits that are affecting our health badly. If you are trying to be more healthy and ready to avoid some of the daily things then you are in the right place. We use so many things on an everyday basis but never thought of how it is affecting. So here I have explained 9 things that you can easily avoid to b to be more healthy and beautiful.

1. Always Wearing Makeup

Makeup is essential for every woman but do you know that harms your skin? Adapt the good makeup habit that should not affect your skin. Take your makeup product wisely according to your skin type. Always wash your face before going to bed. Wearing makeup at night will clog your pores and invite pimples, permanent aging or wrinkles. 

2. Keeping Open Hair

Open hair every time harms your hair that you don’t even think. It makes your hair dry, tangled and rough. It forces you to shampoo almost every day and doing shampoo every day takes essential oil from your hair that damages permanently. 

3. Not Taking Enough Sleep

We are so addicted to our electronics that we always keep to us that helps to avoid us to sleep. Not taking enough sleep effects in every aspect of physical and physiological. It prompts forgetting things quickly, lack of concentration, dark circles, unhealthy skin, and the list goes on. 

4. Not Walking Enough

We are addicted to a lifestyle of eating, work, sleep and repeat. In that all we forget that we only sit but barely walk. It causes back pain, neck pain, obesity, diabetes, etc. it can even make your bones weaker. 

5. Wearing Heels Every Time

We are habituated to heels nowadays. It actually changes the way we walk and add extra grace in our look. But do you know how wearing heels is affecting your body? It changes the weight distribution of our body and it completely depends on the height of heels. It gives extra pressure on the forefoot and can result in permanent muscle pain. 

6. Using Mobile

It is very difficult to explain the effects of mobile in a single paragraph. The EMF radiations directly shoot out health and can cause brain tumors, heart problems, chest pain, headaches, stress, and many more. 

7. Junk Food

Skipping meals and eating junkies is a tradition for millenniums. But have you ever given a thought that how does eating junk food affects your health? If not, then do it now. It can cause obesity, some cancers, chronic disease, type 2 diabetes,  some liver diseases and many more to be included. Stop being junkies and start eating “ Ghar ka khana (homemade meals)”

8. Wearing Tight Clothes

Tight clothes are so trendy that we adapt without thinking about our bodies. Tight clothes can create an obstacle to the blood flow of air and result in skin irritation, itching and lots of health issues. It constantly presses skin and nerves end resulting discomfort and make your leg limb.

9. Using Perfume 

Yes, perfume! that you use everyday to smell good contains a lot of chemicals and artificial fragrances that can cause to eyes, nose, throat allergy, nausea, headaches, forgetfulness and loss of concentration. Start taking bath everyday (just joking) and do not use perfumes on an everyday basis. 

That’s all for this article. I tried to explain some important everyday habits that affect our health badly. Comment if I could help you even a little to stay more healthy and beautiful.

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