8 Styling Tips for the First date

8 Styling Tips for the First date

1. Don’t wear anything that you are not comfortable with

You should give a trial for every style even if you are not comfortable, but not on your first date. Don’t wear anything that makes you think that what others will think, like or not. I know everyone gets so many advice from friends about dressing for your date, but listen and go with what you are comfortable in. For example, you have never shown so much skin but decided to go with very revealing cloth. That will make you feel awkward and force look at your dress in between conversation.

2. Decide earlier what to wear

It’s very important. At the last moment, you can never decide what you should go with and ultimately you will be late, leaving something at home, forget to carry some accessories and many more. Don’t create this mess. Just decide before night whatever you want to go with and give a complete trial. That will save you from changing again and again at the last time, that every day we do. Keep your outfit, accessories, footwear and makeup all together before night only.

3. Don’t wear anything that you have not worn

Don’t wear anything for the first time. For example, you are Indian and never wore a salwar suit, don’t try on your first date. In lots of movies, you can see that actress has changed her look and the boy is dying on her, but come on girls! That is the movie, the director is giving instructions but for you, only you are with you. That will spoil your first date so, just be yourself and go with whatever you have best but again remember nothing for the first time on your first date.

4. Keep a bag with you

I know everyone keeps. If you don’t then keep a bag with you. I don’t mean a big “jhola” kind of bag or backpack. Just any bag, that goes with your outfit. That will save you from searching for things like a phone or anything. Because we girl has a habit of remembering something suddenly and start searching for it. So keep a bag and you know where you need to search.

5. Make your hair well that it should not come on the face while eating and talking

Hold on! I am not saying to keep your hair completely tie back and. I know boys like to run their fingers in loose hair. Make your hair in such a way that it’s loose but not coming till your lips. It looks very irritating when hairs stick with your lips while eating and talking. Keep eye on him, not on your hair

6. Don’t wear childish clothes

No matter how much you love your cute cartoon printed dress, don’t wear it on your first date. Just keep your outfit natural. No extra frills and print and try to keep the neutral color that every boy likes. This is not for every time you date, but for the first time, you should take care. This is because if you are wearing so cute childish dress that can stop him to flirt with you because of your immature look

7. Adjust your dress before you leave

Trust me, girls, this is very important. Don’t embarrass yourself by adjusting your clothes in between your date. This is not for a date, but everywhere you go, adjust your dress before leaving. It happens many times when we are in a rush. See yourself in the mirror 100 times and validate your every aspect and make sure you have adjusted every part of your dress that you don’t need to do outside.

8. Keep yourself natural

Don’t try to be something that you are not. Either you are a tomboy or girly girl, let it be. If you are not comfortable with anything like makeup, accessory heels or outfit, then don’t go for it on your first date. Just be yourself. If you are trying with something you can, that will make you more confused and it will come on your face. Keep yourself natural

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