17 Proven Ways to be Happy Everyday

Being happy is so important. Isn’t it? But in this era, everyone is so busy that you can not find a way to be happy. Happiness and peace of mind are so important that life is so boring and tasteless without this. I have really worked hard to notice everyday activity that how we can change a little to be happy. Read all the points, apply in your daily lives and ready to get change in your mood and be happy always. So smile and start!!

1. Help Everyone but do not Expect Anything in Return

Expectations are the key to stress. Most of the time we are unhappy because does not do what we expect from him/her. Instead of blaming someone for not making you happy, be the reason for your own happiness. Helping the loved one gives peace but it also carries hope with this peace, the hope of getting the help back when needed. But dear! you have given help not lent it, so don’t expect it back. Without wasting time to search for people to help you, help yourself whenever needed. I guarantee you that you will reduce 50% of your stress by applying this in your daily lives. 

2. Away from negative people

Everyone has a different definition for negative people (For me, they are criticizing the person and who always think about negative perspectives). They will give you a lot of negativity and you will start thinking about that all undauntedly and that will result in so much useless stress and ultimately, you will be unhappy. You need to break up with this kind of person and join some like-minded ones. Do this and you will get a change in yourself and the way you think.

3. Give Yourself Time

First, this is nothing to do with introvert and extrovert and second, it does not mean that sit in a room alone. Give time to the activities that you like. Do something for yourself. This will help you to stay happy. Like, go for a road trip, a movie or anything you like.

4. Give Time Your Loved One and Family Rather than Social Media

We spend more time on social media than with our family. The sitting with family and loved one may seem nostalgic, but he/she is way happier than us who spend most of time on mobile. Social media is a good time pass, so make it this only. Spending time with family by giving your real joy, laugh, and memory ( and some knowledge also), so what else you need to be happy. 🙂

5. Take Others Advice but Listen to Yourself

We seek so much about other advice even for a small decision. You should take the advice, but do whatever you think is good. Ultimately, no know will know you better than yourself and then how can anyone give better advice than you (you must think about it). 

6. Don’t Take Anyone’s Approval for Yourself

This is a very important aspect to be happy every day. In today’s era, we worry so much about other’s approval for what we are instead we should give time to be ourselves. Make in your mind that you are only the best version of yourself and no one else can approve and judge this. Stress and other’s approval are proportional. Be who you are and you will find that you are the best. 

7. Learn from Your Mistakes

We make mistakes every day and this is the best thing (Do not agree with me! Then congrats, there is no scope of improvement in you). Rather than getting guilt and regression, learn from it and make sure that you never repeat it. I am sure single learning will give you so much satisfaction and peace. 

8. Respect Everyone Around You

Trust me this is not physiological. Respect everyone around you and they will also treat you so good that will add so much positivity in you. It’s a very good feeling when everyone looks at you with a pleasant smile and that will put on your face too. This will be the best way to be happy. Isn’t it?

9. Exercise Everyday

Give at least a little time for exercise. It works as an additive to your energy and if you don’t feel energetic, will your confidence and at last, give you a lot of stress. I am not going to describe the biological facts of exercise, because you know already. 

10. Enough Sleep

This is one of the most important aspects of one’s mood. It matters more than you think. So do not waste so much of your time on the phone and laptop. Sleep enough every night and we will automatically feel happy and energetic. 

11. Healthy Food

Our behavior and mood depend on lots of aspect and food are one of them. Take healthy food as much as you can and be happy every day.

12. Be Practical

Our life does not always go as we expect or want and the fact it, we can not change it, it has to be and we have to deal with it. So it’s better not to think about how we expected. Be practical, it will give you so much strength to deal in every small or big situation.  

13. Try to Look as Good as You can Everyday

Yes! This should first point. Give time to groom yourself. It does not mean like an hour kind of. Wear good clothes, shoes, and accessories. Give some time and it will rock your day.  

14. Write Down Something if You can not Share with Anyone

Something having in a corner of heart and not sharing anything anyone will make a stone on the heart and trust me that will never let you be happy. It’s OK that you can not share everything but you can write it down. Down all of your frustration, anger or anything that you want to share. Trust me this will help you a lot.

15. Give Yourself a Confidence Boost and Say You are the Best

Confidence is one thing that I have seen people lacking in. not having confidence will always turn you down. Say that you are best because no one can be you ( comment yes if I should write a separate article for tips to boost confidence). A little confidence boost will change the way you see yourself.   

16. Make a Routine and Follow It

We are always in a rush that is because we don’t have a proper routine. Make a proper routine, stick it on your wall and follow it every day. It will save you from a lot of hassles of the everyday. 

17. Buy Your Favorite Things

This is the ultimate way to make yourself happy. Buy what you love like your favorite food, accessories and etc, etc. This will refresh your mood and make you happy and smile.

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