15 Tips for Women to Look Super Stylish at Work

15 Tips for Women to Look Super Stylish at Work

Office or our workplace is the place where we spend most of time as well as where we wear the most neutral and boring clothes that actually does not worth it. A good outfit is very important for anyone not only to people focus you, but for your confidence and positivity. Good grooming keeps others connected with you in a meeting or presentation. But now the question is “how to look stylish at work”. So here I have 15 Ideas to look stylish and attractive at work.

1. Add a Pop-up Color

The office is the place where you have to wear white black and grey and I know you can not add any pop-up color their but there are other ways to do so. You can add a scarf of the color you want. It will add an extra touch in your look and make you look enough stylish to stand out in your workplace.

2. Switch to Textured Blouse over Plain

The regular white shirt is so common for an office to look that most of the girls there will be in a white shirt. To stand out there you can switch a patterned blouse or shirt to a white shirt. There are lot many pattern and print that is not suitable for office look so you need to take care of these things.

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3. See Through White Shirt

The white shirt is a must-have for a formal look but there are also some options for a white shirt. The best option is a little see-through. Yes! It does not matter how many there are in a white shirt but you can still stand out in them. Pair with nice trousers and heels.

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4. Textured Trousers and Blazer

Nothing can make you look more professional than trousers and blazers. But wait!! Are you wearing plain tasteless pair and think don’t have a choice? Here I am to break this stereotype. You can go for a textured or printed pair of trousers and a blazer. Here is a twist! Are you thinking of a black and blue pair? Wear some light color with a white shirt that will make you look more stylish and no one can take the eye off from you.

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5. A Formal Dress with Blazer

A formal dress is the easiest choice to look stylish at work and it actually works but sometimes may not help you look as stylish as you want. To do so, add a blazer, matching color but not the same. Complete your look with nice heels.

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6. Belted Pants or Skirt with Shirt

The waist is very attractive and the smallest part of a female body. So let it flaunt and to do so, add the belted dress, skirt or pants in your wardrobe.

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7. Add a Blazer on a Blouse

Adding a blazer for an office look is a compulsion. But we are are doing with either a shirt or plain T-shirt. Add the blazer with any blouse, expect floral print, with matching pants or skirt.

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8. Flared Pants on Any Top

Flared pants are new trends in fashion but do you know that this also works with formal. Yes! Add flared pants in your formals and be ready to get all the limelight. While choosing to take care to get the right one that should not look casual.

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9. Textured Skirt with White Shirt

Textured top and plain skirt or trouser are quite common, so make it the opposite. Pair a textured skirt or trouser with a plain white shirt and it will never disappoint it.

10. Nice Tailored Outfit

Ready-made clothes are not always satisfactory. Their fitting is not according to you and the most important point to take care of informal is fitting. So try to get nice tailored outfit and that will make you more stylish than people wearing ready-made outfits.

11. Make Nice Hairstyle

The hairstyle is one of the things that will make you stand out in all the office crowd. Give time to make the right hairstyle according to your outfit.

12. Give time to select your heels and bag

Heels change the way you walk and bag changes the way you hold yourself so heels and bags together can help you change the way you carry yourself. So give yourself time to make a habit to wear heels and carry a nice handbag. 

13. Polish the nail with nude color

Believe me or not but your nail polish makes an important impression in your overall look. We usually make it any color but the best for office is nude color. 

14. Nice earring

Nice earring does not mean a heavy or statement one. Keep it simple and stylish like a simple stone will always work.

15. A nice watch

Don’t wear a watch to just look at time. It will help you make you look stylish. So if you are going to buy, then choose a simple and ready to go with any outfit.

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