15 Easy and Fun Tips to Make People Smile Around You

Nothing is better than to see happy and smiling faces around you like your colleagues, friends, and family. Leave a mark on people you meet and give them all the memories that you can. This is important for an energetic environment and positive energy in you. I am giving 15 tips for “ How to make smile the people around you”. Read all the points and tips and this is really going to help you.

1. Crack the Punchline

This is the simplest way to make anyone laugh loud and if your punchline goes wrong, then it’s cherry on the cake. Crack it, whenever you can in between conversation and I am sure that people will smile.

2. Play with Kids

Playing with kids is the purest joy but do you know that this can make others smile too. Yasss!! It does. Play with kids around you, make funny faces or make them laugh and this will make others smile too because no one can resist smiling back on kids.

3. Greet the Personal Next to You

Whenever you meet any person, just greet them with a smile and they will greet you by smiling back. Isn’t is so simple to make anyone smile. 

4. Offer Food

As the Indian proverb, “ The path of heart passes through the stomach ( Dil ka rasta pet se hokar gujarta hai)”, food can make anyone happy and this is the best way to win over anyone. Offer the food to person and there is no way better than this to make smile. 

5. Offer Help

For a big or small, offer your hand to them even for strangers, because you are not going to lose anything while being kind. They will either say “please thank you or no thanks” but in any case they will smile which will make your and his/her day. 

6. Give Sincere Compliments

If you like anything about people around, just say it. This is nothing like you are praising him/her, it just shows that you notice. I don’t need to mention that they will surely say “thank you” with a smile and even can say “you look good too” :).  

7. Say Sorry for Even Minor Mistake

If you think that sorry can not change anything, then you really need to change your mind. It won’t get back the mistake you have done, but at least shows that you feel guilty. The word “sorry” has a really great power so use it whenever you do any mistake even it is so minor that won’t hurt anyone. This is bond the people with you.

8. Appreciate Their Work and Achievements

Appreciate your friends, family, colleagues and loved one for their achievement and celebrate with them. This gratitude to show love and care. Tell them that you are so happy to see their work and give some tips for more successes that will surely make them happy.

9. Respect everyone

Everyone needs respect from a child to a beggar ( I really mean to give some respect even to beggars). Treat people like you want to be treated. Treat everyone in a right way and how it should be. You will get all the respect and kind back to you. 

10. Thank for a Help

Like earlier i have mentioned to “say sorry”, same goes with “Thank you”. Thank everyone you take help from even that is their job. 

11. Show That You are with Them

No feeling is greater than having a person in every situation. Show you loved one that you are always with them by any means like forwarding good messages, sending gifts, quote and many more. Even they don’t reply, will smile. 

12. Smile at the Person Whenever You See

This is for when you see someone randomly and you barely know and you ignored because you were not sure who he/she is. Don’t do this just smile and say “hi” and further conversation you can do. 

13. Crack the Lame Joke

Do not ever be embarrassed with lame jokes because most of the time lame jokes are funnier and what is better than seeing happy and laughing faces around you. 

14. Tell That You are Happy to Meet Them

There are a lot of ways to say this, so pick anyone and say it :P. You meet new people everyday and not everyone would be in touch with you. Make your mark in the first meeting and say that you are happy to meet him/her and want to meet again. This gratitude will never let you out of his/her mind. 

15. At Last… Always Say “Bye and Have a Nice Day”

Say it while leaving anyone from stranger to your family. This will make them and put a sweet smile while saying the same to you. 

hope I could make some valid points, comment below if I did and please let me know if this article is helpful or not.

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