15 Cute Summer Dresses Ideas for Girls

15 Cute Summer Dresses Ideas for Girls

Summer is the best season to do lots of experiment with dresses. This is the time when we can wear whatever we love like pop colour, prints and a lot more. Here I have 15 summer outfit ideas that you must give a try. This season refresh your wardrobe with below cute summer dresses

1. Boxy Tees and Striped Shorts

This is everyone’s favorite summer outfit. Wear any tee with a cute short and everyone is going to love it. But regular denim short may seem boring so pick a stripe or printed shorts pair with a loose fit crop top and sneakers.

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2. Colorblocked Dress

We already have lot many printed and striped dress. But this season, try out colour blocked dress. Pair with statement jewellery and it is going to give a complete fresh look. Ditch your single colour dress and slay in colourful dress.

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3. Play with Colors

I don’t mean like Holi!! Putting colours and colours is an art that everyone must learn. Ditch your black and white outfit although we all love that. Go for some extraordinary colour combination and no one can stop you from slaying.

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4. Experimental Print on Print

We always know that we should wear plain print. it’s time to break it up. Wear print of print, but both prints should not be of the same pattern.

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5. Carry Some Frills

Frills are bae of summer dresses. I mean how summer can be completed without some outfit with frills. A dress with frills, nice heels and a classy bag, perfect for a casual day out.

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6. Game of Long Shrug

The long shrug is essential for summer. Carry a long shrug on any outfit, shorts, dresses, crop top, it goes with everything you wear. A fresh light colour sheer shrug is the best for any vacation and easy breezy look.

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7. Wide Leg Trouser

Denim bottom is bff for every girl, but everyday denim is boring sometimes. Wide leg trouser is the new trend. These days lot of celebrities are seen in wide leg trouser. It seems very comfortable for a summer dress and looks really cute. Pair with graphic tees and sneakers.

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8. Printed Maxi Skirt and Tank Top

Full length skirt is very eye catching and if it has a slit then, it’s like “icing on the cake”. Create the look with a maxi skirt and a tank top, pair with simple flats and ready to go.

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9. Make the Layers

Wear different clothes to make the layers. For example maxi dress with a long shrug. It gives a very fresh look and best to go anywhere and the best part is, everyone loves the layered dress.

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10. Go Brighter

Time to break up with your BFF regular black and neutral colour outfit and go with some bright colour. Choose a dress with lots of bright colour. We always wear regular colour but this season, go for some bright colours and check how you gonna rock your summer.

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11. White on White

White is available in everyone’s wardrobe. So if you are not getting anything to wear, go with a white t-shirt on white pant.

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12. Ruffle Dress

Summer is not complete without a dress with lots of ruffles. This suits best on a college girl. The best part of ruffle dress is pair with any footwear and bag.

Image Courtesy: stalkbuylove

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13. Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit is never out of fashion and very comfortable for summer. Find the right size jumpsuit. While buying, take care of the material.

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14. Blazer with Short and T-shirt

Blazer is not only best for formals but goes very well for casuals. If you are struggling to try something new for this summer, try matching shorts and blazer with a normal t-shirt and pair with any boots.

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15. Statement Jewellery

How can anyone forget about jewelry? Carry your dress with statement jewelry. Especially when your dress is not doing that much, add some loud jewelry and you are always really to go with.

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