13 Best First Date Outfit and Behavior Ideas for Men

First date is special for everyone. It gives a lot of mixed feelings. For girls, they plan everything in advance. When it comes to boys, they really make a mess (don’t mind). You plan everything on the same day and it makes everything clumsy. Boy!! I can give some solution to make yours first date perfect. Read all the 13 tips to first date. 

1. A Casual Outfit for Coffee Date

Keep your first casual date natural and let come out the real you. Of Course you need to put efforts to choose the perfect dress for perfect first date. Choose the best casual wear available with you like a joggers and t-shirt or shirt.

2. Semi Formals for Dinner Date

Dinner date is very special as well as hard to impress. Your dressing is your first impression so do not fail in this. Wear semi formal with no tie and messy pattern. Take the neutral colors and let yourself get all the attention.

3. A Denim and T-shirt or Sweatshirt

This is the easiest choice. Ever been confused about what to wear for date then go for a denim and t-shirt or sweatshirt and pair with a nice sporty shoes. The complete combination looks very cool and very easy to impress anyone. 

4. A White Shirt and Grey Trousers.

Color combination is one thing, that no one can be so sure ever. Do not go for any extra ordinary and experimental color combinations especially for first date. Neutral colors are mute and do not take so much attention, so girl will pay you all the to your talk. So keep it natural, elegant and attractive.

5. Wear Nice Footwear

Do you think that who cares about footwear? You are wrong. According to research, people first notice the footwear. Wear the best footwear available that goes with your outfit. Never mismatch your footwear or go in sleepers. 

6. Nice Hairstyle

I know this is your last priority, but make it important. Make your hair as good as you can and no one will stop you to look killer. 

7. Don’t Laugh on Adult Jokes

Laughing and cracking adult jokes may be cool for someone but not for everyone. Some girls may find it creepy and feel uncomfortable. Some girls even can be so careful while talking that you won’t make it double meaning. And this can make your first date to last date.  

8. Don’t Show How Wealthy You are

Girl can be impressed with your money but not the real one. So do not show off so much because that can irritate the girl and embarrass you sometime. 

9. Don’t Behave So Cheesy

Cuddling and care is very important in any relationship, but for a first date, do not behave like this. Be the real you and do not try to be cheesy although girls like that, but she will judge you.

10. Ask Questions but not Personal 

Of course you need to ask questions to start the conversation, but take care of what you are asking. Carry on the conversions with favorite food, songs, movies etc. do not ask about exes, romantic movements, and any other personal questions that can make her hesitate. 

11. Do not Behave Desperate

Don’t take me wrong boys, but it happens. Sometimes, guys behave so desperate like he will die without a girlfriend. Even this is, do not show and be natural. So that you do not want to have one, but want to fall in love (that will impress her without efforts).

12. Smile and make smile

Crack jokes, even lame one. Actually lame joke works better. Hit the punchline, wherever you can fit. This will make your first date a fun date and a moment worth remembering for both.

13. Nervous, then Show

It is obvious to be a little nervous on your first date. Do not hide this nervousness. I do not mean so much, but a little nervousness is OK. Trust me, most of the girl finds it cute.

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