11 Types of Guys, You Should Never Trust

11 Types of Guys, You Should Never Trust

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Here I am with my new article and it is all about “how to trust a guy?” or “the types of guy you should never trust”. We may feel and fall for number of guys but can not trust everyone. According to me the main key of relationship is not love but its trust. Here I have 11 points that would help you to find out that the boy you are dating is trustworthy or not,

1. The one who doesn’t love his family

No one is as stable in our life as family. We admit it or not but we are so helpless without them and the best thing is, they never need confession. One who does not love his family can not love you forever as well. Any time you think that your boy is being departed from his family, think twice to continue with him. 

2. Who is selfish

This one should be the most important point. Selfish person will always disappoint when it comes to trust. No judgment, but you should be aware of him, because in difficult times, he will think about himself rather than both of you.

3. Who doesn’t introduce you to his friends

Acceptance is really important in any relationship. I won’t say to introduce to family but if can not introduce you to his friends, girl go away. There is a very little chance that he will accept his relationship publicly. 

4. Has no ambitions

Everyone has some ambitions in life and if someone doesn’t then you should not be with. He is not sure about what he will do with his life so how can be for you. I am not talking about a school guy. Are you dating a guy with no ambitions? Do not trust him for life then.  

5. Doesn’t respect girl 

Everyone should respect everyone. But there are still some people who think boys are superior and they dominate girl. Do not let him dominate you does not matter how much he loves you. You respect his opinion so the same he should do. This can be OK for some point but not for whole life. And for sure you can not trust such guys. 

6. Lots of female friend

If a boy has lots of female friends then there might be a chance that he’s flirting with any of then trying to hook up but not working or anyone of them likes him. So if you can not handle the pain of broken trust, then don’t trust. 

7. Cheater or liar

My theory is, if someone can cheat anyone so to you and the same goes with liar. Hiding something is not being a liar or cheater so you must differentiate. If your boy can lie and cheat for once then he will hardly ever think to do again. 

8. Who forgets important dates

Oh I know there are lots of important dates in a relationship and trust me no one can remember all but some of them are meant to not forget. Like you first met, birthday, anniversary etc. your boys does not remember these dates means you might not be so special in his life. 

9. Who is not jealous of your male friends

Where there is love there is jealous. You think that you got the perfect one because your boy has given you all the freedom to hangout with your male friends. Girl think again. He should be jealous of your male friend either show or not.

10. Doesn’t give efforts to make you feel special

It does not mean that you should get costly and big surprises but just simple efforts like flowers, some hugs, kisses, cuddles. Those all things are important to make any girl feel special. If he does not do that then I do not know how you can trust. 

11. Who does not cheer up your mood

Not everyone but who loves us can easily catch our mood and acts accordingly. He does not cheer up in your bad mood! Oh girl he might not understand you much. 

That’s all guys. I hope you liked it, yes! Then let me know in the comments. 

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