11 Must Follow Styling Tips for College Girls

11 Must Follow Styling Tips for College Girls

Hello all my beautiful readers!

This is the second part of 17 Casual College Girl Outfits Ideas to Slay Everyday In the first part I talked about what to wear for college girls and in second, I’m gonna talk about what you should do and what not. I collected the tips that are common for every girl who does not fashion influencer. I mean normal everyday college girl who struggles with simple outfit and styling issue. Do not forget to let me know what you like or not.

1. Not So Tight Cloths 

A little boxy and over-sized clothes are the best for college girls. These are very comfy to attend classes every day. Very tight clothes can make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy. Do not mind if you are habituated. 

2. Block Heels Over Pencil Heels

Pencil heels are not meant for attending classes. But I have seen girls wearing pencil heels in classes. Do not do it because it looks like you are faking up your glamour or attention seeker. Wear the block heels, that is the best to look graceful and stylish. But the best is flats, comfy and easy to go. 

3. Fit and Flare Dress Over Bodycon

I know, most of the girls do not wear bodycon dresses in classes but if you are doing, never wear it. It gives the feel of party and can represent like you are not coming classes to study. 

4. Do Not Do So Much Experiment 

Experimenting with an outfit is really fun. But don’t do it for classes. The experiment does not go as you want, sometimes it makes disaster (but it’s OK, do not stop experimenting). Do not do it in classes, you can be the talk of class and can make you feel that everyone is mocking and staring strangely at you. That can make you feel uncomfortable.

5. Keep Yourself Natural

Every girl has her own beauty, so flaunt it. Do not copy anyone or try to be someone that you are not. Wear whatever and however, you want. 

6. Add Some Pop-up Color Bangles 

Add some extra fun in your style by adding some pop-up color bangles. That looks very cute and funky. Do not do it with laud color outfits. 

7. Light Makeup and Small Jewelry

Makeup and jewelry is the compulsion to complete your look. More makeup and jewelry you make, more mature you look. I trust that no one wants to look mature in college. Rest you know girls!

8. Know the Difference Between Outing and Class 

You must classify your outfits and accessories because not every outfits, heels and jewelry you can carry in college that makes you look best. Know the difference and rock your college life like a pro. 

9. Not So Loud Color 

It is true that loud color takes a lot of attention that you do not need to do in class. It doesn’t mean that you start wearing completely neutral and formals. I would suggest not to add more than 1 loud color in your look.  

10. If Have Long Hair, Tie It up

Please, girls, do follow this. I have personally suffered so much when hairs are coming to me in class. It makes others so uncomfortable and irritated. Tie it up and you can also make some beautiful hairstyles as you have beautiful hair. 

11. Not So Short Skirt and Dress 

Like I have talked in the last part also about this that wearing mini or so sort cloths is not good for classes. You can wear shorts but take care of skirts and dresses. It is OK if you are habituated, but if you have lots of making friends and always be in a group, then take care of this. 

That’s all girls! I hope you enjoy reading this article and I could help you even a little. Do not forget to let me know what you like and whatnot. You can also suggest me the next topic I should write about.

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